8/2/16 Follow Up on Transplant progress

First of all I want to thank so many of you who sent me your good wishes and fun thoughts. Here are a few words about the ‘results’ of all those intentions.

The ERCP again was very successful. Stents replaced, no complications. Blood values are almost all back to normal, and following those has been for me interesting to see in relation to how I’ve felt and function. But Dr. B was in there so long doing so many micro activities that those delicate tissues aren’t used to that I feel like I’ve gone a round of body blows with Joe Frazier for this past week.
Had a long talk with Dr. B to find out how rare my situation actually is and how many of him there are who do what he does. Crazy small data base. I am extremely fortunate to have gotten this far without more complications let’s just say.
The stents will be removed in 4 mos and the real test starts. In the mean while I am experimenting with creating a more functional life with work, etc.
Of note on a more social level in late June I went back to the midwest to celebrate and be with dear friends at my high school reunion (50th). Then followed that by a family reunion of sheer joy except that one of my sisters couldn’t be there because she had taken her life fairly recently from a very long debilitating disease. We celebrated her life with a funeral and following her last wishes she knowing we would be having a reunion without her. There is another story there obviously but here I can say that she was an inspiration to me and one of the most amazing people in my life not only as a sister but a friend.
May all this continue to lead us all to more and deeper appreciation and engagement of what’s important in life. Roni is doing great by the way as we approach our 2 yr. anniversary. “Hi, Roni!”
Gratefully present still,

One thought on “8/2/16 Follow Up on Transplant progress”

  1. Hi Pat, Glad to hear you are doing so well… I’m sorry to hear about your sister. You and your family will be in my payers. I wish I could have seen you while you were in Michigan…. Maybe next time. Again so good to hear of your ongoing progress.


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