12/24/16 Christmas eve

Since my anniversary post in August some interesting new directions emerged from the deep recesses of my “golly-now-what-?”  In May I began renewing a professional life by taking care of a few former patients with the possibility that many patients former and new might get word of all this experience with dying and resurrection and fill my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. Huh. Well. It didn’t happen. I am left to only accept and find more to do.

Rather suddenly and usually in the middle of the night a compelling idea might descend on me to make tennis headbands or be a customs agent for dinner exchanges between middle class Americans and refugees or go be a teacher again! The ‘be a teacher’ idea took hold and since my teaching certificate expired along about say 1979…I’ll be a substitute teacher in the meanwhile. Yeah. That’s a good plan. One of the first people I spoke with was a Dr. who said she enjoyed, the word she used was ‘volunteering’ as a substitute since this for her was pocket change. It’s kinda true. But to me teaching elementary PE back in the mid-70’s was the best job with the biggest joy factor I’ve ever had. Maybe some of that joy I’d hoped for, flexibility to work or not as I felt my health and new found energy would allow, and I could earn actual money again. Last winterI hadn’t ‘earned’ any money when I took a job as an usher at one of our local entertainment/sports arenas a few nights a week at $7.25/hr., it just basically caused my low income housing rent to increase.  But it was kinda fun to be out there again. The reactions from the occasional person who knew me when they would see me at the arena was pretty…interesting, let’s say. But it was the only job I could get literally about a year ago following the first stent procedure that started me experiencing ‘normal’ again.

I can most favorably report that the subbing has been engaging and to a limited degree fulfilling as I entered that environment again. I have been averaging 4-5 days a week since the beginning of the school year. And I’ll be coaching a 5-6th grades boys basketball team this winter and well as a little tudoring a few nights a week.  It has led me to put in application for teaching positions for 2017. Who knows? The most ideal situation would be to get a part time teaching position and continue to focus on my book. That is what I am doing this winter break.

Regarding the health journey,  I just got back from Univ. of Washington on Nov. 22 and the final step of the stenting project. All stents removed and I’m now on my own without artificial props holding the liver duct open. I feel wonderful. There are no guarantees but Dr. Balmadrid is pretty positive in the near term (1-3 years). If it shuts down again, he can start the stenting again for a year. I pray that that won’t be what happens. Gratitude has been my norm and I hope yours as I/we stand in the middle of creation looking for something to do at least a good bit of the time.

Thanks for all you given me and Roni and my daughter. As Sly and the Family Stone used to sing, “We Are Family” and ‘Celebrate, Celebrate”!

Let me know what’s happening in your lives with a blog comment, please. I wish you all the best and most meaningful Christmas and holiday cheer.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “12/24/16 Christmas eve”

  1. What better night of the year to manifest your thoughts – a night when the whole world waits in anticipation for Goodness, Compassion, Humility, Joy and Hope to be born. Pam


  2. Merry Christmas Pat. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Praise the Lord! I got married in September. My new last name is Vanator. I also have a granddaughter born this year. 2016 has been a blessed year.


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