Short Update 5/24/19

Hope you are all well and have good weather for the Memorial weekend!
As you know since September my blood tests have been going funky bad with what has finally turned out to be bile duct obstruction again. A couple weeks ago it came on suddenly, you know, “the turn”, when my body goes into crisis. Overnight, I raced to Seattle for another ERCP intervention that proved obstruction. I had lost only two nights of sleep so was in not too bad of spirits but pretty uncomfortable. Dr. Balmadrid said it was his most challenging procedure with me in time and difficulty. He reinserted stents again. I’ll be on a every few month redo now.
The good news is great again! Over the last couple weeks since my blood values have returned to almost normally great again. My energy has returned although many would say it hardly waned. For those who got wind of this and threw up a heap of fine prayer work, thank you again!! My prayer is pretty much the same, I ask God for what ever needs to happen to happen and may it be for His greatest good. It is definitely not in my hands the final outcomes. I just do my part to eat right, sleep when tired, give thanks for it all…win, lose or draw. I’m still here for a bit longer.
Clare is in the latter stages of her adventure learning year. She arrived in Ireland last Saturday and is adjusting to the big change in Dublin, cobbling together a wonderful, meaningful time. I can’t tell you how jazzed I am now to be heading over there on June 2 for two weeks. What a grand opportunity for us! I just got back my heritage DNA test results today. My origins are 40% Irish/Welsh/Scott, 25% Balkan, 17% Baltic, 15% East European, 4% Finnish roughly. Thankfully no English, haha.
Loving you all and appreciating my mom a lot since she passed on 5/21/11 now 8 years ago. My dad’s birthday was 5/10/19 the day of my ERCP strangely enough. Their spirits are with me in more ways than I’ll ever know.

2 thoughts on “Short Update 5/24/19”

  1. Stay on the path God has given you. I have a feeling you are blessed in spite of your challenges. Or maybe because of them. I look forward to some great writing from you soon. Best to you Parrick, Gerry


    1. I miss talking about chiropractic with you, Gerry. I miss even more the doing of chiropractic! The writing is a very gradually evolving entity. The writer, he is emerging. Be patient and hopefully satisfied with my rare posts. There will be more that hopefully will be representative of where my writing is. I don’t take editing feedback but am very grateful for how it makes you feel or compels you to think, wander or wonder. Patrick


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