Terminal…in the depths – a poem

TERMINAL…in the depths 

A life being discarded,

apparently preparing to be recycled, 

tossed into a painful uncertain sea, 

death an unknown door in the distance

standing ajar.

The edges all fade

into a grey, half light.

There are no sunrises, sunsets,

no brisk clear air, 

just a body bag breathing.

Time…confined to the next breath.

The mind…fusses in irrelevance,

dull, grasping, unfocused,


The body…appalling, naked,  

confined, restless,

without purpose or meaning, 

in a searing, writhing stew,

infantile and helpless.

The heart…trickles energy,

reaches, longs to touch 

the other or be touched 

by friend, nurse, daughter, my God.

I cry

and somehow find a sweetness,

obliging endurance.

Time…still confined to the next breath and

why in God’s name, get another?…

July 2019

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